About Rie

Rie Krogh: "Knitting is playing with opportunities!"

About Rie:


I am a KNITTER...


I love to knit, make knitting patterns, to teach knitting and live with knitting all over!


When I starte something new, I like a simple starting point. I don't always know how or what it will become, but I love the proces and most offend the result ;-)


The material, the fibre and the processing, that gives til yarn its different qualities have always fascinated me. Witch does that I mix my own yarns.


For me - knitting is playing! It challenge and expand my knowledge about both tenique and material.


I have knitted and crocheted a long as I remember - it starteded when I was a little girl with clothes for my dolls - now the knitting has become larger, but it still have to look good for the purpose, and it have to be fun to make.


I am trained as at hand craft teacher at Skals Seminarium 1999 with major in knitting and weaving.


Privately I'm married and mother of 3 nearly adult kids.


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